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Camp Poyntelle Values & Jewish Life


We have the unique opportunity to positively impact the lives of our campers and everyone who enters our gates. At Camp Poyntelle, we choose to live our life the “Camp Poyntelle Way,” which means adhering to our Jewish Values of Kindness, Joy, Collective Responsibility, Safety, Confidence, Individual Responsibility and Leadership. These values permeate everything we do and each Friday Night at Shabbat, we offer “Values Bracelets” to campers and staff members who have gone above and beyond in displaying our Camp Poyntelle values. Everyone in our camp community is able to recommend anyone else for a Values Bracelet. It is a unique character education program that focuses on being a good person, doing good deeds and positively impacting your environment on a daily basis. In addition to this all of our campers are encouraged to give back to their environment. Our younger campers will take part in “Mitzvah Madness” where they are challenged to build and beautify their campuses through special projects. Our teens focus on a Community Service Initiative and travel to different locations such as The Boys and Girls Club, a local YMCA Day Camp to run a special event for younger kids, soup kitchens and the Wayne County center for Aging to host afternoon activities and a big summer picnic! This unique element to camp fosters leadership through sacrifice and a willingness to help those around you. It is an essential part of the Camp Poyntelle spirit!

While our values bleed into everything we do at camp, our Director of Jewish Life is busy creating an immersive and experiential Jewish element to camp. Camp Poyntelle is designed to help our campers foster and maintain their Jewish Identity without creating an overly religious tone. Instead, we focus more on the cultural aspects of being Jewish by adding natural programming to our camper’s lives. Whether it’s the Hebrew Word of the Day, Mitzvah Madness, Rabbi Idol or Israel Day, our beliefs our embedded into our daily culture.

Our goal is to create an environment where our campers maintain a strong connection to their heritage and embrace their Jewish Identity during the summer and throughout their lives!