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Camp is a very special place, where children have the opportunity to become the best version of themselves. We work diligently to create an intentional community, where words such as kindness, leadership, responsibility and self-esteem are not just slogans but foundations for the way in which we choose to interact as a camp and care for one another as a family.

We believe that Camp Poyntelle is bigger than any one person. It symbolizes friendship, integrity and character and becomes imprinted on everyone who enters our gates. Camp Poyntelle is a summer home to thousands of people who have been lucky enough to experience a summer in the #18454! The impact that camp has on our children, as well as our staff is unique and leaves it’s mark on them…forever. This website has been designed to offer our families a window into our summer home and allow them to experience the warmth and spirit of  Camp Poyntelle each and every day. We hope you enjoy it and that it reminds you of what it means to be part of something bigger than just yourself….

Warmest Wishes,
Corey & Ryan