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Traditional Structure & Customized Activities! 

Each day at Camp Poyntelle, is designed to offer our campers the chance to learn and grow, while having fun with friends doing what they love!  We believe in a structured program that features daily core camp activities such as lake, outdoor adventure, arts and crafts and sports.  Built into that schedule are 2 daily electives that allow our campers to customize their summer experience and spend more time at activities they are passionate about!  When we add in weekly clinics, mini camps, tournaments and special events, we are able to offer an exciting and action packed summer program.

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Typical Day Schedule

7:30   Reveille
8:05   Flagpole
8:15    Breakfast
9:00   Clean Up & Inspection
9:45   1st Activity
10:45  2nd Activity
11:45   Activity 3 – Elective
12:35   Lunch
1:15      Rest Hour

2:00  Activity 4
2:50  Activity 5
4:00  Activity 6 – Elective
5:00  Shower Hour
6:05  Flagpole
6:15   Dinner
7:00  Free-Play
8:00  Evening Activity
9:15   Lights Out